Veterans Funeral Packages

Veterans Funeral Service with Honors $4815

Veterans Graveside Service with Honors $4640

Veterans Service with Honors Followed By Cremation $3595

Veterans Cremation Memorial Service with Honors $1570

Veterans Direct Cremation $1195

Each Service with Honors includes Branch of Service Memorial Book Made of Authentic Military Uniform Cloth

Burial At The DFW National Cemetery Can Save You An Average of $13,000

Pre-Arranging the Veterans Services

The Cemetery Space, outer burial receptacle, marker and interment charges are provided by the Veterans Administration for an Honorably Discharged Veteran, their Spouse and any Dependent Children at no cost. The average cost in a private cemetery in the DFW area is $13,000 for husband and wife.

The only cost that must be paid is the funeral services or the cremation services. Those costs are frozen at today’s prices when prearranging. In addition, through our Veterans Burial Planner, all of the details of the burial and services can be preplanned today.

Determining Eligibility and Making the Necessary Prearrangements

Call or fill out and send the Information Form and we will help you determine your eligibility and make all of the necessary arrangements to insure that you are able to use the National Cemetery. Through the Veterans Burial Planner and Prearrangements you can do everything necessary today to make sure your wishes are honored at the time of death.

Services We Provide for Veterans and Their Spouses

Pre Need Services

To Determine Eligibility and Make Arrangements

  1. Fill out and submit the Preplanning Form or call (972) 822-9112 to talk to a Funeral/Cremation Planner.
  2. Discuss with our Funeral/Cremation Planner your choices and ask questions that will help you clarify your selections. First, you will select the type of funeral plan or cremation plan you prefer. Next you will want to select the casket or urn. Lastly, you may want to set aside funds for additional items like death certificates.
  3. Custom design a payment plan that fits your budget. Everyone qualifies for our plans and depending upon age you can choose plans from one to ten years….it’s your choice.
  4. Enjoy the peace of mind that preparation brings. Your family will not have to make these choices or pay for them because you did it for them.

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