We are privileged and honored to offer the veterans funeral and cremation packages to the families of the brave men and women who served our country to protect our rights and freedoms as American citizens. God Bless the Veterans and their service to our country and God Bless America!

We offer a simple and most gracious “Thank You” to every first responder, essential worker and medical professional on the front lines of this healthcare crisis and are grateful for every helper supporting them. We acknowledge the risks you take every single day, just by showing up to do your job. Your duty to serve conflicts with your own safety, and that is a stress most will never understand. We thank you for every late night, every extra shift, every missed dinner at home. We thank you not only for the sacrifice you continue to make for us all, but the sacrifices your families and loved ones are making in kind.

John P. Brooks – President
The John P. Brooks Family of Funeral Homes

Branch of Service Memorial Book

Offered in Every Service With Honor At An Additional Charge

Every soldier deserves recognition. Aurora is proud to offer a line of register books uniquely designed to honor a legacy of service. Each register book is crafted from military-issue fabric, the very same material that is used to make uniforms. The cover of each book is adorned with an official emblem and trimmed in ribbon. These special books help create a fitting tribute to those who have fought for our country and serve as a valuable keepsake for family members.